what does dikitale mean?

Pronunciation: [diki’tæil ‘] · Origin: from Danish digital

dikitale is a modern interpretation of digital.

dikitale is revolutionizing the way we view the relationship between businesses and users in a digital world where users’ personal data is not taken hostage.

dikitale logo explanation

dikitale - your identity cube

The logo is made up of three components: a box / cube, a shield and three arrows that together form dikital.

The box / cube symbolizes the digital ID in which the user’s personal information is stored.

The shield symbolizes the high security that we cherish in dikitale.

The three arrows represent our central areas in digital:
the user, the company and the digital world.

We always have the user in focus, but have nevertheless managed to create a platform that fits the user’s information, but which can also help companies get to know their customers better in the digital world.

dikitale logo elements