communication directly to users

Today, it is often a challenge to keep customers’ information up to date. This makes it difficult to keep in touch with them.

dikitale provides a unique opportunity to communicate to the user because it communicates directly to the user’s dikital.

secure exchange of user data

a completed dikitale profile

Let your customers log in with digital and get the best conditions to get the necessary information – completely automatically.

digital users’ profiles are filled in with their personal information. When the users log in with dictation, all the information is filled in and you automatically get access to the data that the users have given permission for.

If there is any information missing from a customer, you can easily request it through a push notification that is sent directly to the customer.

dikitale gives you the data you need
- without you having to bother with the handling

what happens when you give consent?

give consent with a single swipe

When a digital user receives a push notification, it often contains a consent that must be approved by the user.

When the user approves a consent, a message is sent to the sender that the consent has been given.

It is easy for the users, and at the same time gives you the data you need – without you having to bother with the handling of the data.

2-factor authentication in a digital consent

increase security with 2-factor approval

We allow for 2-factor approval when you communicate with your customers. It comes e.g. expressed through a digital consent, where the customer must give his acceptance in the specific situation.

In dikital we can communicate on three different channels, all three of which allow for 2-factor authentication. The three channels are:

  • Text message
  • Email
  • Push notifications

A validated dikitale user is a verified identity

communicate directly
to the user's digital ID

You usually use the customer’s telephone number and / or e-mail to communicate with. It requires constant maintenance and updating of the information, which is often a heavy administrative burden.

With digital, you can be absolutely sure that you can communicate directly to the user. A user has a unique ID that cannot be changed and will always be personal.

When you communicate with the user’s digital ID, you are therefore sure that the user receives your message.

Users are validated against the CPR register

validated users ensure automation to a greater extent

A validated digital user is a verified identity. This means that we can ensure that the user’s ID papers match the person’s information in the CPR register.

You can thereby demand that users must be validated. This ensures that users come up with the following updated information according to the CPR register

  • Legal name
  • Legal residence
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Phone number
  • Email