dikitale offers

As a company you can be connected directly with dikitale and we also run an ID sharing platform.

two products

At dikitale we offer two different products: connection to dikitale and connection to shareyourid.com. The company dikitale has created shareyourid.com, which offers the possibility for the user to share his ID.

To use our API, you need an API key. If you don’t already have an API key, you can get one here.


Communication with dikitale’ platform where you can integrate directly into your own platforms and get invaluable user information and the ability to communicate directly with the end user.


Online platform where you can request or receive the IDs of your dictation users. It is possible to use our shareyourid.com platform or integrate directly into your system.

how to get started with our API

We use a Swagger UI as visualization of the API. Below is a brief walkthrough on how to best get started with our API.

dikitale api - choosing version number

select version number

Please note that you can select the version number of our APIs in the top right corner.

There is a difference in the content of the different version numbers. Therefore, please make sure that select the correct version number for your call.

dikitale api - insert api token

Api key

To use our API UI, you need insert your API key and

  • Press ‘authorize’
  • Insert your API key
  • Press ‘authorize’

NOTE! Please note that only the API key needs to be inserted. Therefore do not write ‘bearer’ as usual in front.

dikitale api - access to api

access to api

Once the API key is inserted, you can use the API. Remember that you only have access to the information you have purchased access to.

If you think you need access to some information, please contact us at hello@dikitale.com.


visma | e-conomic logo

Easy exchange of user information

E-conomic provides an overview of accounts where bookkeeping and invoicing are made easy and automated.

Through the integration, we can exchange ID papers such as, among other things, passports, driving licenses and health insurance cards into e-conomic.

We are working to make it possible to get user data directly into the integration. It allows you to gather the information about the customers in one place.