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24. februar 2022

(fool)proof sharing of personal information

The development is going so fast that the digital inhabitant has a hard time keeping up and it can be difficult to see the consequences of this.

It places higher demands on the user’s knowledge of how the technology works.

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It's all about the consent

The standard of the future

We are moving towards a time when existing constellations are being challenged. It is becoming administratively heavier and the public authorities have an increasing focus on fines and offenses. Could the future be digitized and solve the existing problems and challenges?

Help set the new standard in personal data exchange.

statistics of how much data different apps collect about the users - english
24. februar 2022


18:00      The doors open and serving of tapas

18:30      Welcome

18:45       75% encourage customers to share their personal information
                  with social media

19:30       How much data do our phones have access to?

20:00     Refreshments and mingle

20:30     Demo of the shareyourid.com platform

21:00      Dialogue

21:30      Thank you for tonight

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We aim to be able to hold the event, but of course, take into account the current corona restrictions.

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