always fresh customer information

No need to manually update customers ‘and clients’ personal information. With dikitale, you get automatic notification of changes to customer master data. The calendar shows

dikitale core plugin for wordpress

dikitale Core plugin for WordPress contains the following features Log in service Shortcode for profile view Enable designing the website based on user data (e.g.

dikitale elementor for wordpress

dikitale Elementor is built to support dynamic fields based on user data from the user’s dikitale ID. In the current version it is possible to

download dikitale app for browser

At dikitale, our main task is to make everything easier for you. With our browser extension, you can use your data with a single login

download dikitale in the app store

We have launched the first version of the dikitale app, which is now available to download from the App Store. The app is released in