about dikitale

Our journey began in 2017, when CEO & founder Jesper Holm had a dream to give the internet a subconscious.

It was realised through a chatbot that has since evolved into a digital identity you can trust.

the subconscious of the internet

The user-centred internet

The idea stems from the idea of giving the internet a subconscious. Because wouldn’t it be smart if the user’s personal information is stored by the user himself?

To bring the mission to life, we are building a platform that offers chatbots to businesses. It gives businesses a sales channel that meets the consumer on their own terms.

chatbot that guides
the consumer

The consumer is greeted in a world based on themselves, which provides the best experience and service.

Our chatbot was used by a public authority to guide the consumer through the website, ensuring that each enquiry was dealt with.

But our heart beats to give consumers the best experience. An experience that is completely based on the individual and can help to strengthen our journey in the digital world.

We must evolve to revolutionise.

The user's personal data
is stored by the user himself

a digital identity
you can trust

With the entry into force of the GDPR, the need for a technical solution increases. The solution must support the challenges that come with it. Our focus is on developing a digital identity that can be trusted.

We create a digital ID that collects the user’s personal information. The user’s identity is validated against the CPR register, ensuring that you are who you say you are.

The user’s personal information is stored securely and only the user himself has access to the data.

Shareyourid platforms

Proper sharing of ID documents

Every day, many Danes face the challenge of sharing their ID documents with, for example, a bank advisor, lawyer or other advisor.

Most people would take a picture with their smartphone and send it directly to the advisor. But three out of four apps often have access to the phone’s pictures, and therefore to the confidential information that was photographed.

But it is a challenge to share the information securely without third parties having access to it.

Through digital, it is possible to share information securely so that only the right person has access to it.