Customers can share their documents easily and securely

dikitale allows your customers to store personal information securely in their personal dikitale ID.

Through, customers can securely send their documents directly to you.


The ID papers are not stored on the phone, but scanned directly into the user’s personal dikitale ID. This way, third parties do not access the personal information through the image library, which on average three out of four apps have access to.

Your customers should be able to share their digital ID with you more easily without compromising security.

Users have the option to share their personal information with another party – such as a lawyer or bank advisor.

it only takes 15 seconds for your customers
to share their ID with you safely

photos shared with three out of four apps

third parties often gain access to personal information through images

Often, clients take pictures of their ID documents when they need to send a copy to advisors. It’s easy, but not very secure.

Three out of four apps request access to the image library on the phone. Often this is in connection with the user uploading, for example, a profile picture.

Often users are asked to share images, which are data. This allows app providers to train their AI engine to improve their business.

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The scan ensures the user

data is not stored in image format

In dikitale we have access to the users’ image library, as users can upload a profile picture. It’s the way we scan IDs that sets us apart from many other apps.

We don’t take a picture of the ID paper, we just scan information into the user’s profile.

Through our OCR engine, the input is processed and transformed into a long text string of about 400,000 characters. We do this to increase security by not storing the data in image format.

secure sharing
of user data

Users can withdraw their information so that the other party no longer has access to it. However, we will always be subject to the law and can therefore only delete the data once the law has been complied with

For example, a customer may withdraw their data today. However, due to current law, you are required to keep the customer data for an additional 5 years after customer closure.

We are looking into a future where
key codeword will be digital responsibility

easy and simple creation

how do customers create a dikitale ID?

The set-up is cut to the bone to make the process as simple as possible

  1. Download the dikitale app where you download your apps
  2. Select ‘create user’
  3. Enter your phone number and wait for the SMS code
  4. Insert the SMS code and select the password
  5. The user is created

All important documents in one place

much more than just ID papers

Users can store the following ID documents in dikitale

  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Health insurance card
  • Blue health insurance card
  • Fishing license
  • Hunting signs
  • Speedboat certificate
  • VHF radio

We are constantly working on expanding the collection so that users can store even more important documents in their dikitale.

 In the near future, this will include diplomas, pay slips, budgets, baptismal certificates and much more.


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easy access to customers' personal information

what is

Your customers have the opportunity to send their ID safely and securely to you through the platform.

You can create a login to the platform so you can receive customer information in a safe and secure way. is designed to allow users to easily submit their personal information to you. You can use the system whether you want to use the platform or a direct integration to your existing system.